Heather Farrell is The Expat Entrepreneur; an established consultant to entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to branch out and start up a new online business, doing something they love.

She is skilled online entrepreneur who’s mission is to prove that anyone can build a profitable online business from anywhere in the world.

A seasoned expat who has been living overseas for 23 years and has has extensive experience starting, operating, and selling multiple businesses internationally in 5 countries, she personifies the digital lifestyle.

Over the last decade she has flourished as a successful businesswoman in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing, where the gloves come off, and anyone can win. With well into 7-figures of top-line revenue, she continues to push forward into this fluid territory and is living proof that real success can be earned here.

While most of her business activities can be conducted online from any internet connection in the world, she frequently travels internationally to attend conferences, trade shows, and live training events. Back when she operated her private label business on Amazon, she traveled to China multiple times on buying trips and to meet suppliers.

A super affiliate specializing in email and content marketing, Heather pulls from a great depth of knowledge and is eager to share what she knows to be true from her own experience in the marketplace, and from firsthand learning in the real world.

Today, while traveling the world with her husband Mark, and their fur baby Shelby, Heather continues working on her multi-facetted online business from wherever in the world she may be.

To follow her journey, or even her footsteps you can find most of her best information for free on her blog: www.theprofitableexpat.com

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